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Five Ways to Protect Your Property This Winter

As the dark nights roll in, the risk of crime inevitably starts to creep up. Under a cover of darkness, the risk of potential intruders is heightened. However, you can take steps to make it harder for them to target you by improving your overall security presence. By having secure doors, windows, and entryways, along with CCTV systems and more, you can put off opportunities and protect yourself from persistent intruders.

Read on to see some of the recommendations our team has made!

Check All Locks for Damage

In general, a good lock will keep out most potential intruders. Opportunists will look for houses that aren’t locked, windows left ajar, and garages with obvious weaknesses. If your doors, windows, and other entryways are secured with a lock, you increase the chances of a peaceful, intruder-free time.

However, locks don’t last forever. Over time, they’ll be worn down, become less effective, start sticking, or just stop working. It’s vital to review the performance of your locks regularly and replace any installations that aren’t up to task. Quality, multi-point locks are the best, so you might even consider working, old-style locks for added security.

Consider Monitoring Equipment

More common for commercial properties, CCTV can be a great way to put off potential intruders. The mere presence of a camera overlooking key areas is often enough to scare them away. Even if it doesn’t, a good-quality camera can get a clear picture of intruders which can be forwarded to the authorities. This gives you the best chance of getting back anything that is taken.

With lots of options on the market, it can be confusing to approach this area. However, the experience of Lock Market Locksmiths means that you’re in safe hands. We can offer advice on the best system for your domestic or commercial property and then supply, install, and maintain this device.

Take a Closer Look at Your Windows

A lot of the focus of security services is around doorways. While these are the obvious way to enter a property, your windows could be much more accessible to potential intruders. It’s much easier to forget to close a window than a front door, so it’s worth having a back-up for such an occurrence.

Most modern windows come with built-in systems that protect you at a basic level, including automatic catches that only let windows open so far. However, you can add extra protection with products such as window bars. While these aren’t as easy on the eye as a standard casement window, they’re much more effective in repelling unwanted attention for assailants.

Have an All-Round Service

A security service allows an expert to review everything that you’re doing well and everything you’re not. Doors, windows, video systems, and more are covered in these services. By securing entryways and checking your monitoring systems, the team can give you peace of mind.

Regular servicing and maintenance are essential for commercial premises to ensure that you’re in line with all current legislation. As well as keeping you out of trouble, it makes sure that you’re as protected as you can be. For domestic properties, this regular servicing is the best way to dissuade potential intruders and stop them if they do make an attempt to enter.

Check Fire Compliance

When we think about security and safety, it’s easy to simply focus on the threat of potential intruders. However, commercial premises must also be mindful of fire compliance when installing doors, windows, and security measures.

By taking a closer look at your doors, you can find out more about how they’d perform if a fire were to break out. Each product has a fire rating, and we check this along with their condition as part of the process.

What to Do Next

For all your security needs, get in touch with our team. We’d be more than happy to look at your existing installations and recommend improvements. All work is completed to the highest standards and we guarantee that our services can make your property safer.


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